Monarch Natural Products


Q) I notice you have low sudsing or low lather on certain products. Why? We need suds to help clean.

A) Great question: Firstly we have been conditioned by chemical companies and others that we need suds/lather to clean.

Why? To create lather/suds you need to use more product, thus improving the companies profits.

Picture your kitchen is made from lass or get a large see-thru bowl. Add your detergent then fill with water. The suds/lather are on the top. You wash underneath in the water. You do not collect the suds in your hands or cloth and wash the dishes with them. You actually wash the suds off your dishes that adhere to them when removing them from the sink. You then drain the water from the sink leaving suds behind. In-turn either wasting water washing them down the sink or left behind creating soap scum. 

This also applies to shampoo's, body washes, soaps etc. Where there is suds/lather it is only costing you money and more work.

Q) I have tried Supermarket natural products and they didn't work.

A) Unfortunately, as with most companies today, it is all to do with profit margins. They skrimp on everything, be it quality, the quantity or both of products used. I am proud to say that I do not. If a little more oil etc. makes a product work I will add it.

Q) Are the products made in Australia?

A) Yes, they are 100%. They are made in Lyndhurst, Victoria, 3975.

Q) Where do you buy your ingredients from?

A) I only buy from Australia Companies. Example the bulk of my oils are from Bosistos 100% Australian owned.

Q) Are all your products Organic.

A) I try to use Organic products as much as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes I am unable to source an organic product or the cost is outrageous. Then and only then do I resort to non- organic in the cleaning products.

Q) Do you supply refill products.

A) Yes, We do have refills for all cleaning products. At present, the refill is a capped bottle. This may change to a pouch if this is something that interests my customers. 

Q) What if I am not happy with the product?

A) I am sure you will be. However, if not please do not hesitate to contact me via email with your concern. I am sure we will be able to resolve the issue.

Q) If everything is safe to use why do I have to patch test first?

A) It is to safeguard both the purchaser and seller.

Q) Why do you use plastic and not glass?

A) I would love to use glass. However, there are a number of reasons why I don't.

The weight of a filled bottle is heavy and uncomfortable. Safety is another issue and the cost of postage would have to increase. I have sourced the most ethical of plastic bottles for my products.

Q) Do you make these products your self?

A) Yes, I do. 

Q) Do I need to wear gloves when using the products?

A) No,  However, if you are super sensitive, it may be advisable.

Q) Will the products upset my septic tank and grey water system?

A) No.